Jonathan Volk’s Interview of Me
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Hello everybody. Been a long time since I’ve written here. I’ve decided to dedicate quite some time now to writing in this blog. I’ll be talking a lot about the growth of CPATrend, offers we’re bringing in, and lots of other things including marketing methods that are doing well, and affiliate marketing information! Read Full Story Offer Updates – 8-18-10
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Hello everybody,
Here’s some great new offers thatwe’ve added to CPATrend: Read Full Story

Affiliate Marketing Methods: Plenty of Fish (PoF)
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There are many different ways to advertise products, services, websites, and various affiliate offers. Of all the marketing methods I’ve used, Plenty of Fish is one of the most dynamic. However, like every form of marketing, PoF has it’s positive and negative aspects. So why not start with the positive? Read Full Story

Affiliate Marketing 101 – Part 1
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So, many of you may be asking, what is affiliate marketing? There are two responses to this question. One is very simple, and one is very complex. So lets start with the simple response: Read Full Story’s Interview With Me!
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First and foremost, I’d like to thank for all of the great work that they do. They provide an excellent spot for all affiliates to go to when researching affiliate networks, such as mine. It’s an outlet for people to post honest reviews of any network, post screenshots of payment proof, use valuable resources that they provide, and also read interviews with network owners, affiliate managers, etc.. Second, I’d like to thank for giving me the opportunity of an interview with me. Enjoy!

Again, AffiliatePaying is a great resource for any affiliate or person who is interested in getting into affiliate marketing. Check it out and make it a site that you frequent!

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For the first review that I’ll be doing, I’d like to discuss an excellent source for every affiliate or potential affiliate. The site is oDigger is a tool that every affiliate should use when trying to find affiliate offers or products that they’re looking to promote. Basically, they collect API Keys from every affiliate network they’re affiliated with. These API Keys allows oDigger to pull every offer and display it in their system, including the name of the offer, the network it’s run on, the payout, and it even allows you to preview the offer’s landing page. Read Full Story

Advertising With Facebook
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Facebook, about to hit 500,000,000 members, has become one of the most lucrative advertising channels on the internet. Many affiliates, including myself, have been cashing in promoting many offers via facebook for a number of reasons. Read Full Story

CPA Networks Perspective on Fraudulent Affiliates
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As the owner of a CPA Network, I have noticed that there is a severe epidemic of fraudulent affiliates roaming around the internet, moving from CPA/affiliate network to network. A rough estimation based on sign ups that I’ve dealt with at CPATrend is showing that almost 90% of affiliate applications are fraudulent in one or more ways. Personally speaking, our network does not accept any applications without 100% accurate information. This includes false addresses, phone numbers which are disconnected or not yours, PO Box addresses, etc. Read Full Story

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